Ross Nicholson - Vocals, Precaution, Guitar, Keyboard, Sequencing
Jacob Tiddy - Bass/Vocals
Ingrid Martini - Drums/ Vocals
Ripley Smith - Guitar/ Vocals

Band Location: New Zealand/ Australia
Genre: Rock


New Zealand band ‘Ross Royce’ debuted on the world scene in 2007, bringing back the 70’s sound and mixing it with modern rock. Their EP received airplay with great success leading them to release their critically acclaimed debut album” Life worth Living” Ross Royce’s sounds vary from Bowie to T-Rex to Cameo to Crowded House, Keeping it true to rock and roll tradition, but enough difference to have their own unique modern day sound. Now based in Australia they are making waves with there music.

Ross Royce is self made artist and success story, as he managed to record most of his debut CD “Get it Together” in 2006 by himself, playing the majority of the instruments . Ross Royce’s next album ‘Life worth Living’ he’s credited for most of the instruments and what an electric album it is. Though driven and passionate about his music he has a great band that brings his music alive with all its fire.

Their current full length album “Life Worth Living” is packed with ambition and talent The title track hits you with the right mixture of rock, classic rock and vocal aggression with keeping it at the perfect level of hardness. In true Ross Royce style he is able to give a bit of everything from forceful edgy songs like” Mr. Vain”, to soft rock ballads like “ Rescue Me”. Making this band an all around success with solid airplay in the U.S , U.K. Australia and New Zealand. Also they are getting rave reviews from various magazine and internet reviewer’s which is only the beginning.

Ross Royce is a band to be heard, They have over a million plays, being on more then 5 compilations around the world and pages of achievements, awards and citations. Ross Royce with his full schedule recently returned from rocking the stage at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas 2009 and will be releasing “millionaires in heaven” in may 2010. No wonder Ross Royce is being touted as the next big thing to come out of new Zealand!



2010 - “Millionaires In Heaven”
2008 - “Life Worth Living”
2006 - “Get it together” EP


May 2010 – Goa Chillout Zone Volume 3 – Song : “Rescue Me” (Warner Music)
March 2009 - New Zealand Music Sampler Download Card- Song : “Get it Together” (Outward)
June 2007 - C.D. Compilation Riot on Sunset Volume 4 – Song:” Mr. Vain” (272)
May 2007 - C.D. Compilation: Indie sampler Volume 77 – song: “ Mixed Up World” ( Label: Skratch Records)


- Featured on two U.S Compilation albums in late 2007 (“ Riot on Sunset” vol 7 ) and (Skratch indie sampler vol 7) and featured on a soon to be released compilation to be released across India in 2010
- More than one million hits on MySpace page
- Top 5 indie album of 2008 on ‘Australian internet radio’
- Top 10 on a number of internet radio charts worldwide
- Two music videos appeared on Australian National T.V Show” The Music Jungle” (Channel nine



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