We at Vandala understand the importance of getting music heard, and artists exposed. It takes time, knowledge, dedication and the right team to make things happen. Vandala treats your band as a serious business and brand. Most of all we understand that we all have budgets and Vandala is willing to work with yours; we can find ways to cut your costs down by working with you not for you. We offer many specialized and unique services to aid the independent artist of today at affordable rates. Feel free to contacts us for more information and discount bundles: services@vandalaconcepts.com or 250-309-1299.




Press & Publicity

Be it a upcoming tour, album release, press release or just pure branding it’s about being seen, heard and noticed. Vandala Concepts has a great team of writers in various genres and areas to make you sound and look amazing! We understand writing and promoting yourself can be very difficult and contacting so many people is time consuming especially when you don’t have all the contacts. Let us take the load off and get you noticed. We offer many packages that are high end, unique and most of all they get you noticed. BONUS: We have our own magazine that we can publish you in! Click Here.




Radio Promotion & Tracking

We can have your album or EP in the hands of campus and independent radio programmers Canada wide, increasing radio play and exposure to communities big and small all over the country. We?re also one of only a few companies doing customized college, satellite and independent radio tracking that saves you time, money and gets your music played. We stay on top of where your getting exposure, and how much so you can use this knowledge to further your career.




Professional Packages/Documentation Preparation & Review

(Press Kits, EPK's, Media packages, Digital Creations, Portfolios, copywriting and more)

Looking like a pro on paper and on the web is very important these days. Most of all having a product that stands out and that is up-to-date with our ever changing world is a must. We do EPK’s, portfolios, press kits, grant applications, marketing plans, copywriting, ad creation, promotion packages, design, contract review, merchandise design and development and much more. YOU NAME IT WE CAN DO IT! We make a package for any of your needs with our special designs and digital integration that is one of a kind.




Marketing, Promotions & Branding

One of the most important things in any business is to promote yourself and to create a strong a brand. This may include a broad range of activities including marketing plans, social media, media promotion, and radio or publicity campaigns. We have many methods to help expose artists and their music to individuals and the entertainment industry along with brand creation. Let us let our contacts in print, media and radio go to work promoting your band. Contact us to help develop a program to suit your needs.




Artist Representation, Consultations, Solicitation & Licensing

Vandala Concepts can represent and present artist(s) to the Entertainment industry such as labels, producers, executives, film, TV, movie or gaming professionals etc. We represent artists through business and contract negotiations and most importantly we make sure you get the deal you deserve.

We also offer consultation for clients in developing their careers and their decisions in the industry. DIY saves you money and sometimes all you need an hour or two with us gets you going in the right direction, without losing and arm and a leg. This includes assisting in things such as creating a list of what you need to do next, finding a studio, soliciting, social media aide, finding the right producer/label/merchandise or radio networks etc.





(Quebec, Alberta, & British Columbia, Other Locations Such as the USA and Europe By Request)

It's true a picture says a thousand words so as a band/musician, small business or in the commercial world quality matters! After all you are a brand. Vandala Concepts has 2 talented photographers on hand in British Columbia though we have teamed up with 2 other photographers in other locations.

We have photographers in Alberta, British Columbia. ALL are willing to travel and  All Photographers like Vandala have quality work, great rates, and work WITH you and not for you like all our services. PLUS we have teamed up with FEINICS who is our photographer in the Montreal area who is a very talented photographer that catches ?the shot? Plus she is also one of our writers for Vandala.

Photographers are available for live events, charities, along with promo shots including bands, real estate, small business, commercial and more. Our team is very diverse thus other areas of photography available up request. One thing is for sure our photo shoots are done with passion, dedication, creativity and most of all we have the talent for capturing the perfect image.

For samples CLICK HERE or visit our facebook page. For all pricing please email services@vandalaconcepts.com or call at 250-309-1299. Discount Bundles available for photography. PLUS add in any of the Vandala services and save more! Make us your one stop.

* photographers are available to travel and other areas of photography only by request.




Cd Duplication

Short Order CD duplication is now available through Vandala Concepts. Our facility makes it possible to create eye popping professional printed CD?s for distribution, or for sale on your next tour, or for your business! We do short orders at a price you can afford. We use on the highest quality CD's, inkjet 6 color ink, and the number of colors are unlimited so don't worry about your designs. Contact Jolle@vandalaconcepts.com for more details.




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